about us

Defying the Odd we bring talent which is unmatched and Inspirational. We Sheil Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization working towards empowering India’s Hidden Talent and helping the weaker section of Society with Aid and Support.

We provide assistance to every beginner or trained but financially unstable, who wants to develop and grow themselves in any career they want to pursue. A Youth with an artistic mind or Champ with passion for sports, all will get guidance and support to reach their path.

We also aim to provide scholarship facilities for good ranking students coming from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Moreover, facilitating with proper guidance for aspiring freshers and undergraduate who want to serve the Nation through police & military armed forces.

And coming back to Army Heros, we bestow educational aid to children of deceased Military Soldiers and become a guide path for their career choices.

We want to be hope for many in this Ongoing Pandemic Crisis. With a motive to upheld Humanity we are stretching our goals to every section of India. This also involves assisting Street Side beggars to work or provide basic skill as a relief to start earning. We act as an umbrella to provide support in the best possible way for people who lost their livelihood in this Massive Covid Catastrophe. And also nurturing many by supplying Medical Facilities which include Ambulance facility, oxygen supply and medical Gadgets like oximeter, in recent pandemic outburst.

Primarily we strive to Endorse and encourage budding – passionate sports players from all the sports fields Olympic, State and national tournaments including Ranjhi Tournament. Also providing guidance and monetary help to all.

Lastly we are Guider, Motivator and Problem Solver for every Needy.

BOARD OF Trustee

nitesh pawar
(Founder & Ceo)

Sanjay parab

Sports Mentors

Amol Rane


sachin kamble

Shrikant parab

meghna satpute

deepak naskar

Prakash rasal

komal parab

Ajit gorule

Prakash bare

Deepak lad

Nandkumar dalavi

Shailesh sawant