indian army

The sacrifice of Our Brave heroes makes us strong on Our Land. They are the real wall that shields us against every odd power existing in this world. They give back with great force and counter terrorism, Naxalite, and many such Border disputes. Not just that, they also protect us from every disaster, natural or manmade. No matter its War, Earthquake, or Disease outburst, our armed forces aid us with empathy and relief.

Hope you all remember the time when our warriors lost their lives in the Major Pulwama attack and also how our fighters striked big terror attack happened in Mumbai. We are growing as a Nation, just because our armed forces are safeguarding our borders and life.

Basically, there are three Major Armed forces in India – the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Apart from them we have many paramilitary and Police forces who keep track and trace everything happening inside the border.

And we as a Sheil foundation with a motive to be a helping hand for all these forces initiated a plan of kindness. However, there is nothing that can help us to pay back their sacrifice. But it’s a small tribute to our Warriors.

Due to Red tapism, Rigid Bureaucracy, and Corruption, many of our deceased and injured Soldier’s families and children have to suffer from the financial crisis. This financial crisis causes their children to get into Odd Jobs at an early age even abandoning school education.

So our foundation will facilitate such Servicemen who lost their lives on duty or injured causing them to be in a partial or complete helpless state. We will come as a rescue to provide their children with education and all necessary expenses which they incurred in due course.
We will assist them with scholarships and career guidance to step up on the right path. We also help them if they are willing to create a career in Sports or National and Global level Tournaments or Championships.

Our small initiative will surely help them to Lead Life in a better way and Make us Proud of Our Existence.